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Softball Tournaments

Does anyone else regularly go to softball tournaments?

F is for Feminism

F for Feminism

F for Feminism.  Today some people are against Feminism, and some are for Feminism. I do not think these two groups realize is that they both want the same things for the most part. Both sides want to be respected, some believe they already have it and the other, not so much. One side is ...


Equal pay for Tennis Players

In light of the playing of one of the oldest tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, this seemed to be a great time to bring awareness to the Inequality occurring on and off the tennis court. 

The Eldest Sibling

Growing up the oldest sibling, with two younger sisters, I learned quick that if I did not emulate strength that I would be doing my sisters a major disservice. I can not say what other people went through being the oldest, but the weight to make the right choices, be strong, and never show fear ...

Feminism is for everyone

One of the misassumptions that I come across all the time is the belief that Feminism is only for women. When considering the definition of Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. While the group is majority women this idea that its only for women is inaccurate. It ...

Optimistic Feminist

Optimism & Feminism

Optimism & Feminism Optimism to be positive natured, Feminism to believe that their should be equal rights amongst all people. I created this idea of an Optimistic Feminist because when you are online on social media, watching the news, or reading the paper— if people still do that—- it is all just negativity. So because ...


Working in retail you find people of all walks of life working in the same pay grade and job level. It is interesting sense I have been working here during school it is more of an all around harsh rather than any inequality towards one group of employees separate from the rest. Now this may ...