Softball Tournaments

Does anyone else regularly go to softball tournaments?


Exciting day yesterday, went to my sister’s tournament out in Illinois, it was about a three and a half hour drive. They won their game, it’s always nice to see them doing good.

Does anyone else regularly go to softball tournaments?

It’s quite an amazing community of strong women and young girls becoming strong confident women. I am curious if people who are not involved in softball realize how big the events can be, because I have grown up in it, I am completely used to it.

I have been attending and playing in softball tournaments sense I was 11 year old. Around the midwest there are tons of softball tournaments taking place over the summer and fall seasons of the year. Softball leagues are growing more and more every year around here.

I mostly ask because I once joined this bowling team and I was completely shocked by how big the community was of people going to these events, I didn’t even know existed. So I’m curious if people realize how big these tournaments are or can get.

They’re some tournaments that have up to a hundred teams competing. Where it’s practically impossible for you to find a parking spot, a hotel room (unless you booked it two months ago), and that perfect shade tree, so you do not get burnt to a crisp.

If you have a young daughter and want to get her involved in sports, it is a wonderful way to teach her many life lessons and life long friends. As long as you’re willing to give up missing that big game, for hers, it will be an experience that you will never forget, and trust me, neither will she.

If you know exactly what I am talking about lets chat in the comments about it, if not go ahead and ask whatever questions about it in the comments.

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