The ‘L’ Word is Back

The ‘L’ Word is back!


The ‘L’ Word” is Back!

With the return of “The ‘L’ Word,” it is a great time to talk about Equality for the LGBT community. There have been major strides for the LGBT population in the recent years. States legalizing gay marriage, open mindedness in young people, the ability to have a family, and much more.

But just because you have ran half the race, that does not mean that you should stop and be happy with what you have accomplished thus far. And with that here are:


Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel



7 things that the LGBT Community still needs to cross the finish line!

  1. Discrimination in the workplace
  2. Legalized Gay Marriage in The United States
  3. Suicide Rates addressed
  4. Eradication of Conversion Therapy
  5. Adoption, Surrogacy, and Parenting Rights
  6. Acceptance in Leadership Roles
  7. Physical Violence


If we all work together, Optimistic Feminists, we can jump each hurdle that stands in their way to Equality.

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