Optimistic Feminists!

I thought today we would have little fun. This morning my sister was telling me that if you whisper it makes you remember better because you have to strain to listen. Well, I don’t know if any of that is true, but I saw the #StrangeThingsToWhisper hashtag this morning and thought this could be pretty hilarious.

So if you have any funny Whispers, post them in the comments section!

  • Turn your hearing aid on
  • I admire the shape of your skull
  • Cats can sense that
  • You sunk my battle ship
  • I’m beginning to feel like a rap god
  • Have you seen my other shoe?
  • Did you jam my vacuum?


If you guys post some good ones, I may add it to the list also, so what would be #StrangeThingsToWhisper for you?

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