4 Best Platforms to find Info on Feminism

4 best platforms to find information on feminism

  1. The first Platform unsurprisingly has to be Youtube. Youtube was first created on February 14, 2005 in San Mateo, CA. There are millions of videos posted daily. So it’s no wonder that Youtube would be a great source to find news and information on Feminism.
  2. The second Platform to find useful information on Feminism is Facebook. Facebook was first created on February 2004 Cambridge, MA. With all the different profiles and businesses built on Facebook, there is heaps of information to be navigated including those to keep up with the news on Feminism.
  3. The third Platform in-which may seem odd to some is Amazon. But it is not as strange as it may seem. Amazon sells all sorts of items, that including literature, magazines, novels, biographies, and so on. With this in mind it may even should be considered as #1, with huge amounts of product available to study the happenings in Feminism today.
  4. Google strangely came in forth on The Best Platforms for keeping up with the latest on Feminism. The only assumption that I can make of this is that while there is lots of information to be found on Google, may be it is assuming the actual news given over Google and not what the search engine receives.

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