F for Feminism

F for Feminism. 

Today some people are against Feminism, and some are for Feminism. I do not think these two groups realize is that they both want the same things for the most part. Both sides want to be respected, some believe they already have it and the other, not so much.

One side is getting paid for their hard work and the other side believes they are not getting paid for the same hard work. Both believe that hard work gets you to the finish line but for some the finish line will never stop moving 20 feet forward.

I am for Feminism.

And I want it to be known that, yes I know that if I work hard I can get anywhere I want to, and yes I do recognize the strides forward that the United States has made towards Equality already. BUT the question is if a man and I work just as hard, at the same rate, for the same time, doing the same thing, why do I need to work longer? Harder? Be submissive sometimes? Be tough other times? Look the other way when told “I do good work for a girl?”

This is when and why I am an Optimistic Feminist.

And this is not just women, any person would be angry if they did everything someone else did, but was expected to do more to get where the other person already is. From my own family members, I have heard people say that “Feminism is a joke now”, because “you already have Equality, you guys just want to get things easier than others.”

I have family members who do not have to go through this in their jobs so they do not recognize it as truth.

“My mother works with almost all men, working on computer softwares. I have seen her come home so completely drained and stressed, angry, and just done. She can say the answer to someone through email, phone call, to their face, she could fix it before their eyes, and they will undo the work she has done because they refuse to accept that she knows what she is doing. I have heard multiple stories from her saying how some of the people she works with will, quite literally stand in front of her to keep her from trying to fix it, and then instead of being happy when it’s fixed they are even more angry because SHE fixed it. It’s her JOB. ”           ~ Optimistic Feminist

It’s just not fair, I see why some people may be against Modern Feminism because it does not effect their life. But instead I beg, that you become an Optimistic Feminist and help others that are being deprived just basic respect and rights.

End Rant Here.

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