The Eldest Sibling

Growing up the oldest sibling, with two younger sisters, I learned quick that if I did not emulate strength that I would be doing my sisters a major disservice. I can not say what other people went through being the oldest, but the weight to make the right choices, be strong, and never show fear was important for me growing up. In my eyes I always thought that they needed to know and believe they were capable of anything they put their minds too.

Seriously though, did any other older siblings out there feel the pressure to be someone your younger siblings would look up too?

It was my sophomore year of high school where I started identifying that I was a Feminist. By then it was all starting to click that I did not just want my sisters to have the ability to succeed but all young people deserved to think it was a possibility for them to succeed. I slowly started becoming an “older sister” to my own friends and my sister’s friends. Because I had to find my way to seeing the world the way I do, I wanted to influence others to believe that anything can be achieved with hard work and sometimes help from the right person.

Being an older sister has taught me many lessons. I never saw myself as a leader, but after having older peers, they recognized immediately that I lead by example, helping those in need when ever it was needed. It was not until they pointed it out to me that I finally thought that I was capable of making a difference. Even though thats all I wanted to show for my sisters, my own confidence was still building.

With a lot of these thoughts in mind, The Optimistic Feminist idea makes perfect sense. Because I just wanted a positive influence for others to feel they are able to do anything they put their mind too.

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