Optimism & Feminism

Optimism & Feminism

Optimism to be positive natured, Feminism to believe that their should be equal rights amongst all people.

I created this idea of an Optimistic Feminist because when you are online on social media, watching the news, or reading the paper— if people still do that—- it is all just negativity. So because of this, I wanted to create a community of people who want to resolve rather than add to the negativity in the world.

Some characteristics I believe a Optimistic Feminist should with hold are:

  • Courage
  • Discipline
  • Caring
  • Go getter

An Optimistic Feminist needs courage to stand up for equality amongst the negativity fighting against that. Day to day things can be done, men stand up for women when you see them being degraded. Women stick up for men when they are told they’re not “man enough.”

Just a quick thought. Do you guys think that the whole problem of inequality amongst gender could be that anyone that is not the traditional description of ‘a man’ is not “man enough” for equal rights? –Not to say traditional men do not face there own inequality.

An Optimistic Feminist should have discipline and self control. I say this because not everyone is going to agree with us. But in the same right that we fight for our own equality we should give them their right to disagree. I know this idea of just let them be is not what most would agree with, but it does not mean we do not educate them. Never have fear of explaining your position because your thoughts are just as important as theirs. But have the discipline to see that they disagree and stop being negative. Instead use it as an opportunity to try to understand why they feel the way they do, what made them believe these things to be true. Just be respectful.

An Optimistic Feminist always needs to be caring. Care about people, do not put people down, even if they put you down. We want equality because we care about people. Care about their problems as if you have to put their shoes on every morning and see the world through their eyes. Never stop caring about your neighbor just as much as you do yourself.

An Optimistic Feminist is a go getter. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for others. If you want equality, find a solution and take action! There is no one better than an Optimistic Feminist to stand between any person and their enemy. Make a difference, do your best. Never take no for an answer.



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