Working in retail you find people of all walks of life working in the same pay grade and job level. It is interesting sense I have been working here during school it is more of an all around harsh rather than any inequality towards one group of employees separate from the rest. Now this may just be my experience but they seem to be just as hard on one person as they are another.

I would love for it to be kindness and “no pressure take your time restocking that shelf” all around the store. Lets be real though working in retail is not fun for anybody. Especially for the employees..

If you take a step back and really consider the levels of power in any retail store, I do not think there is one person working in the store that is higher than the customer. Think about it.

Customers can whine to us, yell at us, laugh at us, degrade us, and we are all essentially getting paid to just suck it up and smile. Even more insane is if the customers are of the highest degree of manipulating they may even get there products or services for free or discount.

Inequality < Equality

Talk to us like we are humans and we will not talk about you in our back room, deal?

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