At Home

My parents were quite opposite to one another. Our dad was a strong southern hard working Mr. fix it type. My mom was always with a book in hand she knew something about everything, and was pretty much the go to when it came to everything unless our car needed fixed. Our mom wanted us to be more girly, how she was growing up, and my dad would have us outside mowing the grass, painting, raking, and snow blowing.

So it became a strange concept that when we all were a little older that even after the push from our dad to be outside working and playing sports when we were little that he still believed that women were supposed to cook, clean, do hair, and so on.

But our mom when she realized that we liked playing sports and being outside, she just accepted my siblings and I for who we were.

I love both my parents and because of the different perspectives I was able to see and understand the beginning of learning to accept people the way they were. My southern dad loved us even if sometimes he could be a misogynist and my mom loved us even though we didn’t follow her style either. I think this whole thing really taught me that you can love unconditionally for those that you disagree with. Thats why Equality is so important because our differences in thought, life, and beliefs make us who we are, but never less than our neighbors, or fathers, or brothers.

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