First story post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Growing up an athlete, in the country, from a town that was known for two things: lots of old men and high school baseball. I played basketball and softball from 5 years old until I was 18. It was strange how supportive some people were and how unsupportive others were. Our team would regularly bring in more fans per game than the baseball team, of my four years in high school softball we had 3 winning seasons. We were completely fundraised on our own, the school never payed for anything we needed.

So it sounds pretty successful right? Wrong

We regularly had to deal with older gentlemen coming into the high school saying that we took away from the baseball teams ability to have success. Because we were hoarding the money when they would always fail to realize that we were completely self funded. Then they would try to turn in pictures of girls out drinking at parties. Which was hilarious because why would old men have pictures of minors drinking? And even better all the photos they ever would bring in were of past players that were of drinking age, and out of high school… And the boys team would always play on the local radio station where after multiple requests from that station to play our games on baseballs off days they would still always refuse.

But lets talk about the positive actions that have been made sense then to overcome these obstacles.

Sense then the team has gotten permission to have all of the games played over the town next overs radio station. And from what I’ve heard our local radio station was angry to hear that another towns radio station took the gig saying that “they should only be supporting the local businesses.”

These past two years the high school has not received any photos from the public. And after discussion from the school the boys have just recently become completely self funded from learning that if ‘the girls’ could accumulate more fans, new uniforms, and lights all in the same year, that baseball could ‘swing’ a full budget also.

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